In-Room Amenities & Services


We provide a free Wi-Fi connection throughout the Resort, including in all of our guests suites & villas. If you are prompted for password in a specific area you can retrieve it by contacting the Front Office / Reception. 

Phone Guide

Operator Please Dial 0

Room-to-Room Calls
Please contact the Operator on 0 and request for the room number to be contacted

Emergency Please Dial 888

Guide to International Direct Dialing (IDD)
For your convenience, we have installed International direct dialing facilities (IDD) on our telephone system. You can make long distance calls without the assistance of our telephone operator. Please check that the code and telephone number is accurate prior to dialing, as all calls connected will be charged. Charges will start from the time the line is connect to the time you replace you handset. All IDD calls are charged per minute block. A fraction of a minute at the end of a call will be charged as one whole minute. All charges will be added to your resort bill.

To Make an IDD Call
Please dial as follows: 9 + 00 + country code + area code + telephone number

To Make a Local Call
Please press ‘9’ to obtain a dial tone, followed by the local number

Mini Bar

List of Mini-Bar Items (Free of Charge - Replenished 2-times Daily):
Tea & Coffee Making Facilities Available

Australian Cookies 15mg
MB Chocolate Snickers 60mg
MB Chocolate Mars 60mg
MB Mixed Nuts 40mg
MB Pringles Chips 40mg

Soft Drinks
MB Juice - Granini Mixed Fruit 200ml
Soft Drink Bitter Lemon Can 330 ml
Soft Drink Coca Cola Can 330 ml
Soft Diet Coke Can 330 ml
Soft Drink Fanta Can 330 ml
Soft Drink Soda Water Can 330 ml
Soft Drink Sprite Can 330 ml
Soft Drink Tonic Water Can 330 ml

Beers & Wine

Beer Carlsberg Lager Can 330 ml
Beer Lion Larger Can 330 ml
Beer Skol Can 330 ml
White Poco Mas Chardonnay
White Poco Mas Sauvignon Blanc
Red Pogo Mas Merlot
Red Poco Mas Cabernet Sauvignon

*Above Amenities are Subject to Change*

List of TV Channels

1. Atmosphere Introduction Channel
2. BBC World News
3. CNN
4. SKY News
5. FOX News
6. Aljazeera Europe
7. Aljazeera
8. France 24
9. 1
10. Rai Italia
11. DW
12. TV5
14. NMK World
15. ARIRANG News
16. CCTV 4
17. CN Cartoon
18. Discovery Channel
19. Nat Geo Wild
20. National Geographic
21. V TV
22. Star Sport 4
23. Star Sport 1
24. Star sport 2
25. Ten Sport
26. Ten Action
27. FOX Movies
28. HBO
29. WB
30. FX
31. SONY
33. My Tones
34. Iqraa Asia
35. Bangla Vision
36. KantiPur
37 TVM
38 V TV Maldives
39 Dhi TV

Safe-deposit Box

For your safety & convenience, all villas are equipped with a safety deposit locker, located inside your wardrobe. For a hassle-free holiday experience, we strongly recommend that you use the safety deposit locker at all times. Operation instructions are detailed on a card, placed on top of the safe.

Service Request - Available 24h/7

Wake up call

We are happy to arrange a wake-up call for you, as per your requirement.

If you wish to be woken up, please let us know the day and specific time as well as if you would like multiple calls. You can also contact our Front Desk on EXT: 600, to arrange for your wakeup call.   


All Villas are Serviced Twice Daily. 

The Servicing hours are between 08.30 hrs and 12.30 hrs and evening turn down service is from 19 hrs. 

If you wish a specific time, please feel free to indicate it below. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Extra towels are available on Request. 

If you wish to order more towels, please fill in the required info below and we'll gladly bring anything you may need to your Villa.


Extra pillows are available on Request. 

If you wish to order more pillows, please fill in the required info below and we'll gladly bring anything you may need to your Villa.


Guests are provided with multi pin adaptors in all Villas & Suites. Extras are available on request.

If you wish to order adaptors, please fill in the required info below we'll gladly bring anything you may need to your Villa. 

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