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One of the essential parts of any Maldivian holiday experience is the fantastic snorkeling opportunities that are available. Each atoll, region, and house reef is unique and is home to a variety of different marine inhabitants and visitors.

As part of the platinum plus holiday plan, we provide our guests with two daily snorkeling excursions from a selection of 7 charted snorkeling sites; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Shuttle Times: Morning Trip: 09:15 hrs | Afternoon Trip: 14:15 hrs 

Notice: All guests taking part in our snorkelling excursions must know how to swim and snorkel and agree to take part at their own risk. Only for swimmer who feel confident in deep water. All excursions are subject to prevailing weather conditions. Age restrictions: Participants must be ages 6 and above only. 

Snorkelling weekly plan

Morning: Sulas Garden 
Afternoon: Kani Faru 

Morning: Vavvaru Outreef 
Afternoon: Sulas Garden  

Morning: Bodu Giri 
Afternoon: Medu Faru 

Morning: Kani Faru 
Afternoon: Bodu Giri 

Morning: Sulas Garden 
Afternoon: Kani Faru 

Morning: Vavvaru Outreef
Afternoon: Sulas Garden 

Morning: Bodu Giri 
Afternoon: Medu Faru

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Kani Faru

Location: 10-minutes north of Kanifushi by Dhoni. 

Experience: Huge reeftop of the outer reef of Kanifushi Island, beautifully covered with blocks of hard coral species. In the deeper areas there are huge caves and overhangs where sometimes green turtles come to feed and rest within its depths. The reeftop there is a cleaner station where large fish come to get their regular cleaning done, along with with reef fish such as Trigger Fish, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Turtles, Banner and occasionally some reef sharks have been spotted!

Level: EASY snorkeling, suitable for everybody!

Medu Faru

Destination: Outer reef of Lhaviyani Atoll between Kanifushi and Vaavaru Island. 

Experience: The outer reef is healthily grown with an abundance of corals like an underwater garden. Lots of shrimps and crabs live inside the corals and small cleaner fishes await for guests like Napoleon, Moray Eel, Groupers and Turtles. Schools of Banner fish and Batfish are commonly seen here.

Level: EASY snorkeling suitable for everybody! 

Bodu Giri

Destination: 10 to 15-minute dhoni ride from Kanifushi Island.

Experience: This reef in particular is what is considered a large big giri within the inner atoll. A spectacular coral garden with big blocks of coral and swarming marine life can be found here. Sweetlips, snappers and groupers are found. Barracuda and sometimes dolphins pass by. 

Level: EASY snorkeling suitable for everybody! 

Sulas Garden

Destination: 15-20 minutes via Dhoni from Kanifushi Island

Experience: A beautiful small reef that is home to both soft and hard corals. A garden with schools of doctor and damselfish, butterfly and banner fish await, together with napoleon and batfish. Provides a long strait reef top ideal for a relaxed snorkeling experience. 

Level: EASY snorkeling, suitable for everybody! 

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