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An authentic Teppanyaki experience! Guests share a table surrounding a large hot plate, where a theatrical chef whirl, twirl, juggle, flip & flame raw ingredients into a delectable dinner!

Although not included as part of the Platinum Plus; set menus offer outstanding value, where diners can choose from a range of fresh meat or seafood along with soup, rice and vegetables. In addition to the Exotic Wine List - chilled or hot sake is a must on the side!

Dinner- 2 Sittings of 2 Hours each: from 7.00pm to 9.00pm & From 9.00pm to 11.00pm.

Teppanyaki Grill is a non-smoking zone. 

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If you wish to book a table at Teppanyaki Grill, please choose your menu and fill in all the required information through the app and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Below our 3 Menus: 
Teppanyaki Wa-Shoku – $55.00 
Classic Miso Soup
Maki Trio Plate 
Beef rib-eye, salmon, vegetables & rice caramelized pineapple served with mango coulis & passion sorbet

Teppanyaki seafood – $65.00 
Classic Miso Soup
Assorted sushi & sashimi prawn, lobster, salmon with vegetables & rice 
Teppanyaki fruit flambée with green tea sauce & green apple sorbet. 

Teppanyaki Surf & Turf – $75.00 
Classic Miso Soup
Assorted sushi & maki by the Chef lobster, wagu beef MS6, vegetables & rice  
Teppanyaki fruit flambée with green tea sauce & green apple sorbet. 

Please note that all prices are subject to change.

Teppanyaki Grill Dinner Menu

Shabu Shabu Menu

Exotic Spirits Collection

Cognac Château de Beaulon 12 years: $170
Patron Silver Tequila: $120
Patron XO Café: $85
Vodka Belvedere: $95
Whisky Glenfiddich 18 years: $125
Whisky Talisker 18 years: $145
Whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label: $340
Whisky Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve: $125
Whisky Johnnie Walker Green Label: $110

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